Join us for the next litter pick – Saturday, 16th April

April 2016 Litter PickWe organise these litter pick events every six months to help clean up the area – we want to keep it as green and pleasant as possible! So everyone’s help, adults and children, is very much needed.

Our next event is on Saturday, 16th April from 10am to 1pm. We meet in the War Memorial Hall car park. Sacks, picks and refreshments supplied!

Last time, in October 2015, we collected 308lbs (140kgs) of rubbish – we weigh every item we collect and there’s a prize for the child with the heaviest sack.


There continue to be hotspots for litter:

  • the service road behind the shops
  • the woods surrounding Asda
  • the undergrowth beside the footpaths leading from the pond to the Preston Estate.

Please try to keep the area close to your own property clear of litter.

Extra help is always welcome so if you’ve never joined us before do consider coming along – you’ll be sustained with tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits.




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